More than 70 years pushing for the recycling of metals

Our Servicies

Purchase and Recycling

In Metales Pelaz we are dedicated to the recycling and recovery of scrap and metals in general, being specialized in non-ferrous.

Waste management

The operating cycle begins with the receipt of materials supplied by retail scrap dealers at MetalesPelaz’s facilities.

Container service

After unloading, the material is sorted, cut or packed, leaving it stored and ready to be sent to foundries or refineries.


If anything distinguishes Metales Pelaz from other companies in the sector, it is the care and quality with which it selects and classifies scrap.

Battery recycling

In 2005 a department for the recycling of batteries was set up and obtained the license to Manage hazardous waste and store batteries. Specialized in car batteries and industrial workshops

Sale of recycled materials

Metales Pelaz continues to be a family business that, since its origins has been committed to the future, quality and customer service.


We recycle all kinds of materials