Sale of recycled Aluminium

The industrial use of aluminium has made this metal one of the most important, both in terms of quantity and variety of uses, and today it is a multipurpose material that is applied in very diverse economic areas and is strategic in conflict situations. Today, only iron or steel surpasses.

Aluminium is used in its pure form, alloyedwith other metals or in non-metallic compounds. In its pure state, its optical properties are used to manufacture domestic and industrial mirrors, such as those of reflector telescopes.

Due to its electrical properties, it is a goodconductor, capable of competing in cost and performance with traditional copper. Since, at equal length and mass, aluminum has more conductivity, it is a useful component for utilities where excess weight is an important factor. This is the case of aeronautics and power lines where the lower weight implies, in one case less fuel consumption and greater autonomy, and in the other the possibility of separating high voltage towers.

In addition to that, alloyed with other metals, it is used for the creation of load-bearing structures in architecture and to manufacture industrial parts for all types of vehicles and boilermaking.

In Metales Pelaz we recycle and sell a large number of elements, among which the sale and recycling of aluminum stands out.

We recycle and sell aluminum from:

  • Taint tabor
  • Crankcase / Fragmented
  • Boat
  • Trimming / Yogurt
  • Radiators
  • Profile / Anodizing
  • Off-set
  • Cable
  • PVC / Iron Cable
  • Caps
  • Slag
  • Turnings