History of Metales Pelaz in Bizkaia/Vizcaya

  • 1948

    Origins of Metales Pelaz in Bilbao

    The company Metales Pelaz, began its activity in Bilbao around 1948.

    It was founded by the Pelaz family, who moved to Bilbao from their hometown of Palencia. They set up their business in the old part of Bilbao

  • 1965

    The great leap.

    In 1965 they took the big leap. They left their facilities in Bilbao and moved to a property, near the airport. In this location the first warehouse was built and it has evolved to the current facilities of Metales Pelaz.


  • 1984

    Emilio is left alone at the front

    The company was managed by two brothers, Emilio and Andrés, but in 1984 Emilio was left to lead the company.

  • 2006

    Award to "Emilio Pelaz"

    Award to “Emilio Pelaz” for a life dedicated to recycling


  • 2015

    50th Anniversary and Death of Emilio Pelaz

    50th Anniversary and Death of Founder Emilio Pelaz

  • Today

    Metales Pelaz today

    Metales Pelaz continues to be a family business that employs 28 people and, since its origins, has been committed to the future, quality and customer service.


Found Metales Pelaz in Erandio, Bizkaia