Sale of recycled Nickel

Nickel is a transition metal, very ductile and malleable so it can be easily laminated, polished and forged. It ismainly used in the manufacture ofstainless steels and other alloys andsuperalloys. It is also used as a substitute for silver in the minting of coins and in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries.
In the past nickel mines were confused with silver mines, so the use of this metalis relatively new. However, the involuntary or accidental use of nickel dates back to antiquity.
Nickel is a relatively abundant element, constituting 0. 008% of the earth’s crust. It appears in metallic form in meteorites, in diverse minerals such as garnierite or pyrrhotite and in the terrestrial nucleus combined with iron, iridium and osmium. Despite this, the cost of nickel in themarkets is often among the highest forbase metals, as it is an essential product for the industry and its demand is quite high.

We recycle and sell nickel of the following grades or classes:

  • Second
  • Husk
  • Nichrome
  • Monel
  • Cupro-nickel 70/30
  • Cupro-nickel 90/1